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Cracked Fillings

February 1, 2023

Fillings for Cracked Teeth in Macon, GA

Fillings are a basic dental procedure that are completely painless, relatively fast, and common. In fact, fillings are such a common dental procedure that you probably know a few people who have them. When a tooth cracks or experiences decay through a cavity, a dentist uses a filling to repair the damage in your teeth. Fillings also help prevent any further damage or decay. If you have a broken tooth and need tooth repair, you probably need a filling.

What to Expect When Getting a Filling

If your dentist suspects that you might need a filling, they will examine your teeth with dental instruments, and they might even take an x-ray. Once your dentist knows where the filling is needed, they may apply an anesthetic to the area. However, if the filling is close to the surface, it may not require an anesthetic at all—and it will still be a pain-free procedure.

If any tooth decay is present, your dentist will remove it. There are a few methods for doing this, and the most common is by drilling into the tooth after applying an anesthetic—so it is always pain-free. Once the tooth is free of decay, your dentist will sterilize the tooth and fill the hole or crack. Finally, the tooth will be polished, and you’re all done!

What Kinds of Fillings Are There?

At Walker Dental Group, we offer various kinds of fillings, including:

Each kind of filling has different benefits and drawbacks, and we can help you choose which one will be best for you. We treat our patients like family, and that’s why we always ensure that our patients are fully informed of all their options before deciding which procedure they want.

Our priority is your comfort, safety, and satisfaction with your pain-free dentistry every time. So contact our dental professionals today for a free consultation!

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